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Vacu Activ Horizontal - bike

Infrashape Horizontal bike is a revolutionary capsule that maximizes the effectiveness of training on a stationary bike. Exercise efficiency is optimized thanks to the horizontal position taken by the user, as well as thanks to additional effects in the form of infrared, negative pressure or additional funnctions like aromatherapy, colortherapy, collagen or lympthatic drainage. Infrashape Horizontal speeds up the time to achieve goals.


Rollshape rollmassage make full use of the available technology with quiet operation and efficiency enhancements such as infra-red lamps that heat the adipose tissue and help the rollers break down the bumps of fats that have accumulated under the skin, making it easier for the lymphatic system to expel them from the body, along with other harmful substances. We have combiend in one device beneficial effects of lymphatic massage with the functions of infrared, chromotherapy, air ionization and collagen therapy. The complexity of Rollshape’s operation has a direct impact on the effects – it is a valuable ally in the fight against unnecessary fat tissue and stress tensions.

Mefedron, Kokain, Kodein Sïrop 473ml, Metamfetamin

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